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Friday, February 21, 2014

It was not easy

I went through it while at PFM and I thank you all for your cooperation and care you gave me during that time.

It’s not ‘morning’ sickness, it’s a ‘whole day’ and for some people ‘morning and evening’ sickness, I wonder who called it ‘MORNING’ sickness!
 It is ACTUAL sickness (Have you been sick with malaria before? Picture the second and third day of treatment; you are not too sick, yet you are not well either, your mouth tastes like ORS, you can barely focus on anything for more than 5 min before you want to throw up, you hate the smell of food, e.t.c), your eyes are droopy with sickness you just want to lie down and rest your head, that is the exact feeling you have………….The whole day

PFM family at my wedding

Thanks for attending

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wedding of PFM's Agnes Kahwa and PK

Kodak moment after matrimony at St. Augstine, Makerere

PFM, couple-to-be

R-L: Promise, Richard and Immaculate

Agnes the Mugole just arriving at the reception venue

L-R: Henry, Eriphaz and Ivan